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1. One Day Listing

One Day Listing
£5.00 per day.
The One Day Listing lets you promote one title on a specific date. One Day Listings appear in the top half of the newsletter, in order from top down as the bookings arrive.
Required metadata:

1) Date of listing

For one day listing give exact date. If flexible give preferred first date and list options with the other metadata.

2) Title

As on cover.

3) Author Name

As on cover.

4) Price at time promotion is due to start.

We will use the price showing on the retail sites 48-72 hours before the listing begins unless clearly instructed otherwise. Bear in mind we send separate newsletters to different countries. If the promotional price is only for one particular country or one particular retailer do let us know.

5) Blurb

For the newsletters the blurbs need to be short. One line is ideal! It's just to grab the reader's attention and get them to click through to the retailer product page. Think twitter! If your blurb will fit in a tweet it's perfect!

6) Genre

Give us up to three different genres. Be creative! We have no problems with Historical Zombie Romance Thriller or whatever you feel will convince a reader to click through to the product page. Just keep them short!

7) Cover

Upload your cover along with your other metadata.

We use images at 200 pixels width, so anything from 200 pixels wide and up is fine. Anything smaller may look hazy when we enlarge it.

8) Links

Okay, here’s the deal: We will send out your listing in multiple newsletters each carrying the same titles but each with different retailers and currencies specific to the destination country/region.

Give us the key US link for your title for Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Apple, B&N, Smashwords, Books-A-Million, All-Romance/OmniLit and Txtr US.

Also be sure to include links for the subscription services Oyster and Scribd, and for OverDrive.

We will search and add the local links for each country/region as appropriate to each newsletter.

NB: We mentioned several times encouraging readers to click through to the product page. This is for your benefit, not ours.

We are not an affiliate operator, and unlike most other promotional newsletters we do not make anything from click-throughs or sales you may make through these newsletters.

This ensures we are retailer-neutral, and do not favour one outlet over another either in our daily newsletters for readers or in our newsletter and blog for advertisers.

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1.     One Day Listing